On-Chain Marketing with EPNS

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So, I was writing the review for “The Billion User Table” article, when I got an idea about on-chain marketing and how EPNS can play an important role.

Original Article
My Review

We all know, that numerous dapps are coming up every day, but once the dapps are built they need users, though in current scenarios they try to organize some contests on Twitter to spread the word about their products, they miss the potential audience many times.

So now how EPNS can be helpful?

For projects/products

Through etherscan we can clearly, see the transactions done by the address for a particular contract, so for instance we can easily see the addresses interacting with the contract address of opensea, so now we know that those addresses are somehow interested in NFTs, now suppose a project related to NFT or a product related to NFT is coming up with some of their products, Maybe using that data of the address that has been interacting with the opensea contracts and then sorting them based on the money involved the project can find its potential users.

For users

Many users need to keep shuffling between different social platforms to get to know about various new projects coming up, and it many times become very exhaustive and most of the time this hard work of going through different projects goes in vain, but now if the user has subscribed to a channel to receive notifications related to nft product launch or any dapp launch they can be now assured that most of the good projects will be using that channel to notify the user and also they will be incentivized for receiving notifications from that channel, so it will surely be a win-win situation for them

Further Extensions

Now, one can argue its dependency on the etherscan to fetch the data related to the transaction going on, but the more decentralized solution to this problem can be to use the graph protocol to query the sub-graphs related to different dapps, a project related to defi will be more interested to query the sub-graph of uniswap and will try to figure out address doing most number of transactions.

There can be something called a “Marketing DAO” whose whole provide is to provide the marketing services to the project and also focusing on making their approach more efficient and have a high hit ratio for the notifications.

PS: This is how EPNS will remove the noise for the people :)



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